If you’re like us, you’ve already mentally been in San Diego for about 10 days. Worries about where to eat dinner on Wednesday, how to get across the railroad tracks, anxieties over getting to Ralphs. Like a ski racer, we’ve been down the course in our brains a dozen times already. We’re already planning how to get from Hall G to Hall B at 3 pm Saturday.

On the one hand it’s all going to be so horribly exciting. Our friends who are half our age or going to the show for the first time or else embarking on their maiden voyage as members of the inner circle…we’re thrive on their energy, we suck their enthusiasm. Not that we don’t have our own enthusiasms and wishes and hopes.

The #1 hope? Waking up the morning of Monday, July 30th with some mental facilities intact.

Nothing else matters.


  1. Wow, woman, you really make me wish I was there in SAN DIEGO. Today I´m so far, though. I´m going sooner or later.

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