We took pathetically few pictures yesterday because we were busy Video blogging, and the ones we did are just…lame. But anyway…
Stan Sakai has 20 volumes of USAGI YOJIMBO in print — the first book alone is in its 10th printing. How many other American cartoonists have produced such a consistent body of work?

The back of the Activision/Marvel booth was surprisingly forbidding. We didn’t get around to the front on this pass.

Boom Studio’s Booth.

Over in Aisle 1500

Duncan Rouleau seems ridiculously fascinated by the sight of Joe Casey live blogging over at the Man Of Action booth You can catch the Beat’s liveblogging and everyone else’s over at the Man of Action site. A woman sitting across from MoA is 8 1/2 months pregnant and dilated, so they might just be live blogging the very first Comic-Con birth!