Registration was NOT the nightmare everyone had feared. It took us literally 15 seconds to get our badge with our bar coded press letter. Now, there were lines for ProReg, but the wait of 20-30 minutes seemed pretty reasonable. If you hadn’t pre-registered, there were definitely problems, however, and we also heard a lot of complaints about the ProReg people being very very unresponsive to communication over the last few months. So that stuff is not good, and needs to be worked on, but in general, we’d have to say the new system has the potential to be completely painless when properly used.

We don’t know how things were going up on member registration, but we’ll keep our ears and eyes peeled.


  1. Member registration only took about 15 seconds as well with the bar-coded letter, I was expecting a long wait like last year. This was nice. Some years the pre-reg line doesn’t always run smoothly. This years ran the best i’ve seen, and last years was far and away the worst.
    Bar codes=good.