CHAIN_PromoFinal.jpegAs we’ve been reporting, superstar writer Scott Snyder has been busy launching his new Best Jackett Press imprint at Image, starting with the hugely successful Kickstarter for Nocterra. And now, over at IGN, he’s teasing a new title, Chain, which will be drawn by artist Ariela Kristantina (Adora and the Distance).

So far it’s just a tease, but The Beat has an interview with Snyder lined up for later this week, and you might just learn more then.

For now, a cover has been revealed and a bit of the plot, according to IGN: a mystery set during the collapse of human civilization. Sounds gripping!

“Best Jackett Press is all about making the most exciting comics we can and I’m thrilled to pair with rising-star Ariela Kristantina for Chain, an upcoming book that’s different than anything I’ve tried,” Snyder told IGN. “It’s a whodunit at the end of the world. I’ve teased projects lined up with other artists as well — all of which are in production — but this is one that’s benefiting directly from your incredible support on our Nocterra Kickstarter campaign. I feel lucky and grateful to be working with Ariela, and I encourage all of you to go seek out her work and follow her on social media — she’s fantastic! So thank you again – we can’t wait for you to see all that we have coming…”

“The best teaser images are the ones that speak to the story’s themes, without revealing anything at all about the plot,” said Kristantina. “Especially since CHAIN is a ways off, we wanted to create a teaser image that gets fans asking questions. Why are there handprints at the bottom of the image? What’s happened to the animal world? And why does it look like everything alive wants to kill us?”

It is indeed an intriguing image. Will this be another crowdfunded venture, or a more traditional publishing model? Keep checking the Beat for more details on Best Jackett Press and its upcoming projects!