Oni editor James Lucas Jones took several pictures of the goings on which seemed quite festive.


So many Ramonas.


  1. A hour before midnight a friend of mine picked up a voucher for Vol. 6 and he was #896. So I imagine there was at least 1000 people filling the street.

    I ended up going into the book only line missing my chance to get my copy of Vol. 6 signed by Bryan O’Malley, as the signing line went down Markham street, around the corner and almost down the block to the next corner. It would have been hours to get something signed and I needed sleep to function at work today. People in the front of the line had been there since noon!

    Here’s a link showing how big the crowd was:
    Look closely and you can see a car trying to get through. Go through the user’s other Tweetphotos for more photos of the event including more costumes.

    It was a great night in Toronto and lots of fun. Thanks to the Beguiling for organizing such a great event.

  2. I also had to eventually leave without getting anything signed because of the incredibly long line! I still had a great time though! Met a lot of awesome people and the costumes were great! Congrats on organizing a great event The Beguiling!