Wow, in a few short hours, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD finally opens and Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O’Malley can stop their incessant promotional wanderings over the face of the earth. In future years, this will always be known as “Scott Pilgrim Week,” a mystical, magical time of love and exploration and kung fu training.

So much has happened, is happening. Some linkie winkins. ABOVE — a super-amazing remake of the live-action SPvsTW trailer using the comics — wow, it really is just like the book.

OH, SPEAKING OF THE MOVIE, The Beat has seen it! And despite all the hype, hype, hype, it was wonderfully charming and fun. WE may have a longer review tomorrow, but for now we give it a “Go see it opening night!” rating. Show the Expendables who’s boss!

You can now buy all six SCOTT PILGRIM volumes on iPad and iPhone.

The app is free, along with the first 37 pages of the first volume and the Free Comic Book Day comic that’s set between volumes 3 and 4. The first five volumes can be downloaded for $6.99 each, while the sixth and last one costs $11.99. Created by Comixology, the app hits on the same day that the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game arrives on the PlayStation Network and, of course, just a few days before Scott Pilgrim vs. the World arrives in theaters.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game — an arcade style 8-bit action romp,
went on sale as a Playstation 3 download today. It’s available for XBox 360 on August 25th.


You could — and many did — stream the whole SPvsTW soundtrack AND score today. The soundtrack is a must buy and “Garbage Truck” is our favorite cut. The LA Times blog talks to music supervisor Nigel Godrich about how it all happened.

Comics Alliance had the pitch demo for the game.

Commentary is all over the place. This SFGate blogger ties SPvsTW in with the dawn of a new culture, celebrity sighting at Comic-Con and paternalistic douchiness before it all explodes in a shower of heart-shaped sparks:

Now, comic books, still left for dead by some, have become the platform for a perfect fusion of Hollywood, cartoon art, and storytelling. Indeed, comic books aren’t dead at all, but more the start of a multi-platform life that goes something like this: print, then screen, then computer and Internet.

The Scott Pilgrim Film is not just the salvation of the comic book industry — it is the salvation of the Toronto tourist trade!

As a result, tourism officials are hoping the movie causes an influx of fanboy tourism like the Twilight series has done to the poor people of Forks, Wash. “The initiative came about because we all wanted to promote this new movie that essentially uses Toronto as a character in the film,” Joel Peters of Tourism Toronto told Metro. Peters is involved with a campaign designed to encourage fans to geek out about Scott Pilgrim all over the city this summer.

Yet ANOTHER piece in the LA Times talks to Oni’s Joe Nozemack:

“Scott Pilgrim” has been your bestselling book, but it’s still relatively unknown to most people. What was the process like getting it made?

It was the first thing that Closed on Mondays set up back in 2004. [Director] Edgar Wright was attached from the beginning but he had to do “Hot Fuzz” first.

We had sold “Scott Pilgrim” after only the first book was done, so the fact that Edgar was committed to another movie allowed Bryan [Lee O’Malley] to get further ahead on the books and then work with Edgar to incorporate that material into the movie.

WHEW! More Scott Pilgrim soon!



  1. I’d easily put this film in the the Top 5 best films for the year. It was so well done that I really was taken aback. I’m not a huge Cera fan, but he was really good in this. All that being said I’d be surprised if this film opens north of $15 million. I hope I’m totally wrong though….

  2. Not even Adidas wants to be associated with this movie. Have you noticed how another stripe on his shoe has magically appeared! This will be the first blemish on Edgar Wright’s resume. What a stinker!

  3. All I can say is this: anticipation for the movie caused my younger son to read all of the Scott Pilgrim gns in preparation for seeing the movie on Friday. If nothing else, I’ve got a second-generation Scott Pilgrim fan in my house.

  4. It’ll be really interesting to see what the opening weekend on this. Especially with a bigger weekend with the Expendables coming out as well. In theory Scott Pilgrim should do better with a lower rating.

    I’m excited to see both and I hope that Scott Pilgrim sells tickets like gang busters this weekend.

  5. To each their Blackeye, but having seen a preview screening of Scott Pilgrim, I think it’s the best movie Edgar Wright has made to date. I guess the Adidas thing is just a licensing issue, like perhaps Universal wanted Adidas to give them money for a product placement but Adidas refused.

  6. It will be interesting to see how well Scott Pilgrim does, considering that it’s one of three hotly anticipated movie releases this weekend, all of which are appealing to different audience demographics. This one, of course, aims squarely at the young hipster set. The Expendables is aiming for those with nostalgia for 80s macho action pictures. And Scott Pilgrim isn’t the only literary work hitting theaters this weekend, as Eat Pray Love targets fans of the best-selling book, and chick flicks in general.

    I’m also looking forward to finally seeing Studio Ghibli’s Tales From Earthsea stateside, which Disney seems to be quietly opening in limited release this weekend.

  7. Blackeye, I don’t think licensing issues have anything to do with a movie’s quality. How would YOU like a time out?

  8. Heidi, I was doing some research and I had a question – could you tell me the movie where Michael Cera plays an awkward teenager? Thanks.

    I dunno. I love Edgar Wright and Jason Schwartzman and everything but I’m over this whole hipster thing and I find it quite obnoxious.

    I think everyone should take a moment to change out of their sister’s jeans and head on down to check out the Expendables! Stallone! Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

  9. “I love Edgar Wright and Jason Schwartzman and everything but I’m over this whole hipster thing and I find it quite obnoxious.”

    I saw someone say the other day that the evil exes fit the hipster category, but Scott doesn’t really. I could see him being someone hipsters wish they were like, but the same could be true of beat poets being emulated by beatniks.

    If anything, this is two hours of a pretty average guy beating up hipsters. Everyone should love that!

  10. I know! But Michael Cera can be grating. Also, Expendables has two hours of Jason Statham beating up terrorists!!

    And once again, it’s Rambo, HeMan and the Transporter vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin with guest appearances by the Terminator and John McClane.

    Sorry, Edgar Wright. I know he’d understand.

  11. “Heidi, I was doing some research and I had a question – could you tell me the movie where Michael Cera plays an awkward teenager? Thanks.”

    Christian, I was doing some research and I had a question – could you tell me the movie where Sylvester Stallone plays the tough guy action hero? ;)

    Edgar Wright is apparently taking Sylvester Stallone to see Scott Pilgrim on opening day, in which afterwards they will see the Expendables together. :-)

  12. But Scot Pilgrim has Michael Bluth vs. Superman, Captain America, Ann Hog and Max Fischer.

    That totally wins in my book.

  13. Matthew, I’m sorry but I’d rather see a movie about a tough guy action hero over and over again than a mumbly teenager.

  14. Christian — Scott Pilgrim is not a mumbly teenager. He’s a self centered 20-something. Get your meme right.

    Is is possible to like both Sylvester Stallone AND Scott Pilgrim? AND scrapple?

  15. Ms Beat – you didn’t mention anything about the four minute animated short that’s airing on Adult Swim.

    I think it’s on tomorrow night.

    Oh yes, please Blackeye – take a time out. Go out and seek yourself a first and last name.



  16. @Christian

    “I’m over this whole hipster thing”

    For my part, I’ll be getting the creases out of my sister’s jeans with a great big irony. And then I’ll go see SCOTT PILGRIM and THE EXPENDABLES, because life is not a pick-one-side MMORPG.

  17. Whether I love or hate this movie, I’m fairly certain that the next few weeks are going to be absolute hell as every site and message board is overtaken with people arguing about whether Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is OMG BEST MOVIE EVAR or a HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT YOU JUST CAN’T SEE PAST THE HYPE.

    In short, the internet reaction is probably going to be Inception X 10.

  18. In pure entertainment terms, I honestly don’t think I’d mind seeing Pilgrim. I just don’t have the time nor the monetary resources to go see both flicks.

    And an Expendables supporter, I’d also like to voice my outrage over Heidi’s clear bias against what could certainly be the finest cinematic masterpieces of our time. I believe that one day, historians will look back on this weekend and say that Stallone’s movie was the turning point in American culture that ushered in a new generation of happiness and prosperity in the country. This movie will change things for people.

    I expect a similar glowing post for the Expendables tomorrow. Or I will be questioning your integrity! ;-)

    Also, I hear Adidas is proud to support THIS movie. ;-) ;-)

  19. I did score two t-shirts from The SCOTT PILGRIM Experience during SDCC, so I guess I should watch the movie… aaand to see how the story developed after Vol. 3.

    (But have to confess, am more interested in Dec.’s TRON. Must be a nerd-generational thing.)

  20. Expendables has two big minuses: No Jean-Claude Van Damme, no Steven Seagal. Dunno what you call this type of movie… bromance? And is The Magnificent Seven still the benchmark?

    I’ll probably see Scott Pilgrim, just because it needs a big screen. Expendables… seen that sort of thing before. And I don’t want to see Sylvester Stallone’s clayface on the big screen.

  21. What the fuck is Randy Couture? Is that some new fancy store in Soho combining swag and swank endlessly flooded with disgustingly attractive europeans?

    Or is it an Aziz Ansari thing, because that would at least be funny, but also incredibly hipsterish?

  22. Torstein – and what about no Jackie Chan? No fucking Jackie Chan, are you kidding me! Stallone wrote Rocky and all but no JC, the fuck Sly!?

    And what about Sho Kosugi, Mike Dudikoff, Sonny Chiba, Gordon Lui, and Chuck “My sidekick owns your soul” Norris?

  23. Well I’ve seen two screenings of Scott Pilgrim and I’m about to actually pay to see the film again, up here in Oswego NY with real people. It’s a fun and smart and distinctively fresh combination of pop culture idioms wrapped around a terrific love story aimed, but NOT exclusively so, at the videogame generation. Plus the way the director has worked with both the creator O’Malley and Oni Press, highlights the care that was taken to translate the book into a film. That alone should be enough for indie comics loving fans to come out and see what all the talk is about. It’s really hard to believe that anyone can’t come away with something from the flick. But we’ll see.

  24. I saw the movie at a screening yesterday and loved it so much I would pay to see it again this weekend. As a newcomer to the franchise I was so happy to discover this little gem. After all it is a love letter to 8 bit culture, comics, arcade games, and rock n’ roll.

    From the 8 bit Universal logo to the last portal Ramona takes Scott through, Pilgrim is full of heart and laughs. The most stylistically original film I’ve seen since Moulin Rouge, Pilgrim is sure to be a cult classic.

  25. If Nikki Finke’s numbers are to be believed, Scott Pilgrim is not going to make bank this weekend. Her sources reveal that Expendables may reach 34m, Eat Pray Love may reach 23m, and Pilgrim 12m….ouch.

    Pilgrim will do great once it leaves the theaters, but another comic-themed movie bites the dust at the box office. The budget was probably not insane, so if it sticks around in the top 10 for a few weeks, perhaps all is not lost. Scratch that, box office mojo says 60m, so that, plus advert costs–means the movie will struggle to break even, even if does okay overseas.

    If I were not going to Los Angeles to visit my family this weekend, I would have probably contributed to the bottom line of Expendables and Pilgrim (although I have never read the comics, and have no interest in doing so).

  26. I read the last volume and saw the movie yesterday.

    The book moved me in a way I wasn’t expecting since I wasn’t the hugest fan of the series. Then I walked out of the movie, which I’d been more excited about, vaguely dissatisfied. I do want to see it again though. It’s a lot to take in.

    Way back when the first picture of the cast came out, someone commented that the guy who plays Young Neil should have played Scott, which I found myself thinking about throughout the movie. Cera is likable and does a good job with the fighting and all but ultimately just isn’t the character in the books.

  27. Does anyone know what kind of jeans those are specifically? They look like Levis but… what kind? what model #?

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