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At some point today or yesterday this showed up on the San Diego website.

While the official numbers aren’t in yet, attendance is definitely WAY up from last year. So much so that last evening we needed to close online registration (which remains closed today), and as of 12:30pm today, have had to close ONSITE registration as well. We expect online registration to resume this evening and onsite registration will be available tomorrow.

We heard a lot of reports today about the fire marshals showing up and not letting anyone in for an hour or two but do not have this confirmed. Whatever happened, this was the most crowded, most sweaty, most overwhelmingly busy SDCC anyone ever saw. By mid-afternoon, the halls were littered with exhausted congoers, perhaps tired of fighting the crowds. The parade of stars from comics, TV, film and elsewhere was so huge that an unannounced appearance by Brandon “Superman” Routh to sign at the DC booth seemed almost normal; the surprise appearance of the entire cast of SPIDER-MAN 3 went almost unremarked on the floor, swallowed up by the tsunami of announcements, booths and previews.

Pretty much everyone survived, however.


  1. The Spidey 3 gang was in the house? Missed that, but I heard about Routh after the fact.

    I’m still travelling home, stranded in crappy Atlanta-Hartsfield waiting for my connecting flight, which has of course been delayed (and now they’re saying the flight is overbooked!). Had a great time, met meny cool people, got lots of sketches and autographs, and am way exhausted. Wish I had one more day off work, but it’s back to the grind tomorrow!

    If I can afford it, I’d love to go again next year.

  2. it was way overwhelming–and I’ve attended most of ’em the last 10 years. Saturday is just useless on the convention floor–better to attend panels and programs or go to the Zoo than try to get through those crowds. I think I’ll stick to Wednesday-Friday, Programming including Masquerade) or the Zoo on Saturday, and maybe go back Sunday.

    Still, I had a blast, and registered for next year already!