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A few updates — the convention was never actually shut down by fire marshals, although online AND onsite registration were both stopped on Saturday. No attendance figures, although the early guestimate of 125,000 felt plausible.

The convention was, by any stretch of the imagination, a monstrous and unqualified success. Publishers and artists had record sales, movies and TV shows were given endless internet inches, autographs were collected, rare comics and art were purchased, drinks were consumed at movie studio parties, podcasts were recorded, life sized statues of Ray Harryhausen were presented to him, movie stars gave quotes about loving comic books, anime costumes were remarked upon, Klingon was spoken, and so on. But now, it’s all over.

Stormtrooper Elvis has left the building.


  1. Heidi,
    As always, thanks for taking us along for the ride via your great posts. It was almost like being there – minus the jet lag and the hangovers.

  2. I think I spent more time avoiding the con this year than actually fighting the floor. Saw some great stuff, though. Like the Marvel-DC softball game (Marvel won, 22-11), some good nightlife, and then just took a full day out to be in Balboa park, including some zoo time.
    And yet, I still got in the prereqs of a good con, from seeing and meeting friends, to seeing Stormtrooper Elvis and Dirty Wolverine (plus a few Waldos).