We’ll be spending the next few days reading the internets to see what actually happened at the show, maybe a few posts today. If you see any particularly telling links, please send them our way. Right now we’re assembling our Team PWCW coverage — look for that in your inbox tomorrow!


  1. Two firsts for me at this, my second visit to the San Diego con (my first visit, despite 39 years as a comics fan/artist/collector, was last year): Meeting Gary Groth and some columnist named Heidi MacDonald.

    The latter was at Table 5 at the Eisner Awards, where I got to watch her at work throughout the awards, firsthand, gathering images and material for some of these very columns. As an editor and journalist myself in the past, it was nice for me to be able to attend such a function without a camera or a notebook in hand.

    Nice meeting you, Heidi!