James Kochalka sings!


  1. YES! Finally the new album comes out. While I enjoy James’ cartooning, I have always been more of a fan and LOVE his musical work. His last album was a BEST OF, so I am more than happy to finally own the “new” material on a pro disc. Plus it’s a “dark” album… pure awesomeness!

    Sadly Rykodisc’s website has no mention of this album as of yet, nor does the JKS microsite (right now it’s pimping that “Hockey Monkey” was used on The Loop, with no mention of the new album). Hopefully they’ll’ start press on “Spread Your Wings” soon. It seems you can download mp3s off American Elf and make your own CD, but I’m old fashioned and still like buying CDs that have been packaged and put together by the artist and label.

    Thanks for the Video Blog though. The acapella of “Hockey Night” was awesome!