San Diego Comic-Con notes: Pro Reg opens as convention centers expansion wrangling drags on


Here’s a little round-up of San DIego’s two mayoral candidates, running to fill the seat left vacant when serial groper/haarasser Bob Filner got the boot. Both support the convention center expansion but lawsuits may mean it will be years before groundbreaking begins on the planned expansion, meaning…Comic-COn will stay compact for now.

Meanwhile, letters have gone out warning that pro-reg starts on the 29th, however:

EPIC Online Professional Badge Registration does not have a predetermined close date and will close – without prior notification  – when professional registration has reached capacity and badges are no longer available. 

In other words, it’s time for Pro Reg-o-ween. Gentleman and women, rev your browsers!

Trade Professional Badge-o-ween will take place later on—this is the classification for non-comics pros who are involved in those entertainment booths, in case you were wondering. From what we’ve heard, support staff for those booths get just as hinky and panicky about their own registration process. There is no such thing as a free lunch…unless you get into the media lounge, that is.

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