In a few hours, reservations for hotel rooms for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con are going to be available, kicking off the annual rite known as Hotel-o-ween. YOU never know what you’re going to get—it might be a trick, or it might be a treat.

This year, we’re promised more rooms available than ever before—part of the negotiations for keeping the show in San Diego involved prying more rooms from the hotels who wanted to charge market, i.e. $400+ for their rooms, so that’s great news.

As in 2011, this year is a bit of a lottery: you can select up to 20 hotels once you get into the system, but they will be apportioned on a first come, first served basis.

Our advice: print out your hotel list, and make sure you have your member ID handy!

Good luck!


  1. Makes me glad I live in San Diego. I can’t imagine shelling out $200+ a night just for a convention, even if it is Comic-Con.

  2. They really should have made the member IDs part of the process. People abusing the system is exactly why the system is so inefficient as it is.

  3. Easy as pie, done by 9:03 and no waiting for page to load. If you followed their directions, it worked fine.

    Christian, they can’t use the member IDs mandatory, as we pros and press haven’t had our membership purchase window open yet. It worked fine the way it was. I just noticed at about 2:00 that hotel res is now closed. 5 hours, that’s pretty good! Better than 90 minutes.

  4. Got mine submitted in about 3 min. Can’t see going too much faster since people didn’t see the page layout early – no way to macro it.

    Hopefully the new abundance of rooms means lots of happy con goers.

    Now the wait for the confirmation . . .

  5. @Vera –

    They should change the window for pro/vendor badge buying then. Because as it is, the system is easily manipulated and inefficient. Most of the returned rooms that will be available on the 10th are rooms that people double, triple and sometimes quadruple booked out of fear that some other grinch is doing the same thing.