For those of you who are sensible and like to avoid stress, the “Early Bird” hotel rooms are now available for Comic-Con 2015. These are mostly in Mission Valley, but on a 24-hour shuttle route, and the beauty of it is, YOU CAN JUST GO GET A HOTEL ROOM RIGHT NOW. Yes, you heard me, you put in your name reserve a room and VOILA! it’s done. You DO have to pay the WHOLE amount up front and it is NON-REFUNDABLE—no room swapping here, folks—but, once again, if you want to avoid uncertainty, this is how to do it.

The Unofficial SDCC blog has more and reads the tea leaves to suggest that Hotel-o-ween itself, when those of us who value closeness over comfort, will take place March 24. Gentlemen, start your engines.

ALSO, pro registration takes place this Friday at 9 am PST — HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE, you will need to enter a waiting room and be selected in a random order. This process seems to be to randomize access to guest badges only, not pro badges. If you are “not due” you are guaranteed a badge.