Hotels, badges…can there be yet another San Diego Comic-Con-related lottery?

Why yes. Parking.

Ace Parking offers pre-sale parking at the convention center for $12 a day, so you don’t have to get to the center at 4 am (like it would do much good) to find a parking spot.

As we’d sooner bring a live baby elephant (fun!) to the con than a car, we were unaware of today’s on sale for the parking. However, the twitter feed SD Comic Con Expert has the whole sequence events from announcement to blockage to trying to get through by phone to….

…and what seems to be a sell-out.

And of course user relief:

So yeah, that happened. The parking pre-sale is one of the smartest thing the con organizers did, so no surprise they are selling out. And to be honest, isn’t the immense effort required to go to the show part of the whole experience now?


  1. Actually, the lowest cost of parking options was $10 a day… With a $5.95 per day service charge (eat your heart out, Ticketmaster!). So count on paying $16 a day for parking. Minimum. The kicker: that parking is under the Convention Center.

    And just for a dose of anger: for a $6 service fee you’d think Ace could put together some better servers.

  2. “As we’d sooner bring a live baby elephant (fun!) to the con than a car”

    Oh my God you have no idea about baby elephants. See, they need ADULT elephants!

    Even the better zookeepers know better than to bring a live baby elephant anywhere! Look up “protected contact.” Weighing a baby is a complicated routines involving opening and closing different fences at different times and then persuading the mother to bring the baby through a narrow fenced space so that the baby walks over a scale on the other side of a heavy metal fence from a human.

    If poor baby doesn’t have a mother anymore, baby still needs a HERD. I’d rather drive to SDCC and have expensive mind-numbing parking drama than set up at SDCC for bringing a live baby elephant there, wouldn’t you? ;)

  3. The baby elephants are wearing orange rain slickers! (All right, I guess those are blankets, but I am going to continue to imagine baby elephants in raincoats. And yellow galoshes.)

    What were we talking about? Comics? SDCC? Maybe I’ll spend that weekend at a nature park if I want to be herded around.

  4. Online reservations, for assigned SDCC parking spaces, has been going on for a few years now. Usually the spaces underneath the convention sell out almost immediately.

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