It was badge-o-ween this weekend—open registration for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Rather than follow the travail and triumph on twitter, I went and sat in a sauna, but it was the usual. Everything sold out in about an hour — 30 minutes less than last year. There was a new snafu where people had to log in to the member ID to get their registration number…which then crashed the member ID site because people didn’t have it all written out on a piece of paper like they should have. Planning, folks. Halfway through the con began mailing people their registration numbers, but by then it was too late to get into the waiting room and heartache for some.

But once you had your papers in order, people got into a waiting room and then were selected to buy badges and they did. The Unofficial Comic-0Con blog has all the details for SDCC junkies, and the last few slots that are open:

Although there are still a few badge sales to get through for select groups — name Creative Professionals and Press, which are guaranteed badges, and Trade Professionals, which is still a bit up in the air — this was likely it for the opportunities to purchase a badge for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Comic-Con International has stated that just like last year, they don’t expect there to be enough returned badges to warrant a Returned Badge Sale later this year.

While if you are “not due” as a pro or press you are supposed to get a badge, guests for pros will be in very short supply, so that will be another run for the roses. Pro reg will be held in March.

The SD Union Tribune also has coverage.

Long story short: there are some happy people and some unhappy people. Even if the convention center was as big as Las vegas, there would still be some unhappy people.

It’s not clear when Hotel-o-ween will take place, so more anxiety to come, especially for those who are vowing to hangout in the Gaslamp any way.