It’s time for another look at the bestsellers chart from GlobalComix, as ranked by their popularity algorithm, which take into account engagement (e.g. comments, likes, adds to library) in addition to views.
Last week we wondered if perennial chart topper Invincible would hold off The Boys, as the new season 4 is getting views and commentary at a furious clip. It did this time out – but The Boys collections is rising fast, as is Spawn, whose back catalog was recently released on GlobalComix.
But we’re also shaking up the charts a bit this week to give you an idea of how things change. We have two lists, one of the top ten for publishers, and the listing indie comics published by creators. 
1 Invincible • Image Comics
2 DIGIMON LIBERATOR • Bandai Card Games
3 TRANSFORMERS • Image Comics
4 The Boys (Omnibus) • Dynamite Entertainment
5 Something is Killing the Children (Volume) • BOOM! Studios
6 Red Light • AWA Studios
7 The Walking Dead (Compendium) • Image Comics
8 BRZRKR • BOOM! Studios
9 Spawn (Compendium) • Image Comics
10 Scott Pilgrim Color Collection • Oni Press


And here’s the indie creator list. Some notes: Anomaly Hunters has been gaining traction recently and is one of the most-liked series from an indie creator. Black Cat and Mean Girl have also substantially increased in popularity over the past few weeks. It’s particularly significant for Mean Girl, as only one episode has been released so far and it’s only a few pages.
1 The Dragoness Says Sit! Fafnir Fenn
2 Veronica & Mona DoctorLoops
3 Anomaly Hunters Dingotoad
4 Black Cat Starkonut
5 Mean Girl (R18+) Chippie
6 Love, inks and museum links Kotokot
7 METAMORPHOSIS We As Mortals Jester On Mars
8 Falling awake JAN DITLEV
9 9mm Girls SK6
10 No Strings Novelist Nickie