AfterShock Comics has announced a new series — Miskatonic — due out in November from the creative team of writer Mark Sable, artist Giorgio Pontrelli, colorist Pippa Bowland, and letterer Thomas Mauer. 

The book features a story about in the mysterious titular Miskatonic Valley, which houses a lot of interesting plot elements, including cultists, doctors resurrecting the dead, and houses overrun by rats. The plot of the book is incited by a series of bombings aimed at the elite residents in the area.

You can find the full solicit info, along with preview pages, from AfterShock Comics below…enjoy!

MISKATONIC #1 / $4.99 / 32 pages / Color / On sale NOVEMBER 11th
Writer: Mark Sable
Artist: Giorgio Pontrelli
Colorist: Pippa Bowland
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Main Cover: Jeremy Haun w/ Nick Filardi
Incentive Cover: Tyler Crook

Miskatonic Valley holds many mysteries – cultists worshipping old gods, a doctor deadset on resurrecting the recently deceased, a house overrun by rats in the walls – but none more recent than a series of bombings targeting the Valley’s elite.

These horrors reach a breaking point when the brilliant, hard-nosed investigator Miranda Keller is sent to stop the bombings. To J. Edgar Hoover, there can be no other explanation than those responsible for similar actions during the Red Scare of the 1920s…but when Miranda digs too deep, she uncovers an unimaginable occult conspiracy, one that may cost Miranda her job – and her sanity.

From writer Mark Sable (GODKILLERS, Graveyard of Empires) and artist Giorgio Pontrelli (Dylan Dog), MISKATONIC is a mix of historical crime fiction and Lovecraftian-horror that dives deep into the American nightmare.