More leaks from the set of GREENLANTERN, this time, via Splash Page, Ryan Reynolds in his mocap suit. Aside from noting how fit Reynolds looks — rowwwwwrrr — we”re SHOCKED no one has commented on Green Lantern’s new sidekick, the Space Pup, Barktacus.

Seriously Ryan Reynolds in a skin tight suit accompanied by a cute little puppy — this is why God made the internet.


  1. Having done mo-cap before, I’m wondering why they’re going this route for the costume in the first place. I bet there’s an army of effects artists thankful for the work, but it’ll be grunt work, that’s for damn sure.

  2. Mocap for the suit is probably the best way to handle the special effects. His suit is created by his ring, and if he has a force field effect, it’s easier to do it all in one go. It’s just like the digitized Spider-Man in the first movie. He does the motion work, the computer does all of the cinematography.

    Also, doesn’t the ring change his costume to street clothes as well?

    Hmmm… given the impurity of the ring, would the ring not prevent a doggie tinkling on Hal?

  3. Barktacus is flat out brilliant. Just hearing the name makes me want to write fan fiction about the animal.