downey avengers 2 poster

Coming off of the somewhat mixed reaction to the new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster that was released yesterday, Robert Downey Jr. tweeted out an Iron Man-based poster for the film.

Additionally, he teased that a big announcement is coming in 8 days:


What would qualify as a big announcement here? The obvious answer would be that Spider-Man has been cast, and the announcement yesterday that Danny Elfman would be providing additional music for Avengers: Age of Ultron has some wondering if we might be seeing Spider-Man sooner than we think. For those who may not recall, Elfman composed the score for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Then again, he also scored the Ang Lee Hulk, so any deduction there may be pointless.

I wouldn’t hang my hopes on it, but a post-credits scene might not be out of the question…let’s see what a week from now brings us.


  1. Big reveal? How about:

    Chaplin: The Later Years
    Downey reprises the role that captured the essence of cinema’s beloved comedic star.
    Also reappearing, fellow film legend Dan Ackroyd.

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