Rob Liefeld, a creator whose art for better or worse epitomized the comic trends of the radical 90’s, is well aware of that fact. Rather than distance himself from the kitschy aspects of his work, he has fully embraced them. If you’ve been observing his social media, you may have noticed Liefeld posting an original creation dubbed “The Pouch,” a self-parody of his well-known trademark of designing character costumes sporting an absurd amount of pouches.

Never let it be said that Liefeld doesn’t have a sense of humor about himself, especially after that hilarious joke at his expense in Deadpool 2 that he himself has said he loved. Looks like Liefeld wasn’t kidding when he teased the character appearing in an actual comic.

Today Image Comics announced a very special Rob Liefeld variant cover to the #23 issue of Liefeld’s highly anticipated BLOODSTRIKE BRUTALISTS arc featuring story and artwork by Michel Fiffe (COPRA). This variant cover introduces an all-new character—The Pouch!

“Since the moment I introduced The Pouch on my social media, the fans have exploded with support and enthusiasm!” said Liefeld. “The truest definition of ‘because you demanded it!’ The Pouch comes to life on the cover and in an interior story included in Bloodstrike Brutalists 2!”

In BRUTALISTS Part Two, bureaucratic overlords with morbid agendas need love, too. What lengths will they go to? A string of gruesome murders, a deadly disease, and a dark conspiracy; for Bloodstrike, that’s a Tuesday.

BLOODSTRIKE #23 will hit stores on Wednesday, June 27th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, June 4th.

  • BLOODSTRIKE #23 CVR A FIFFE – Diamond Code APR180494
  • BLOODSTRIKE #23 CVR B LIEFELD – Diamond Code APR188129
  • BLOODSTRIKE #23 CVR C FRAGA – Diamond Code APR188130


  1. Anticipating Fiffe on Bloodstrike as one of the most desired books to look at and buy.

    Liefeld is one of the most interesting businessman and nurturer of creators within his own line of comics. Can’t ignore his output after Prophet and Glory reimaginings

  2. Funniest video I’ve seen in a long time: dramatic reading of the essay “The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings.” With illustrations!

    “This is what a woman looks like to Rob Liefeld …”

  3. While I normally roll my eyes at anything Liefeld related, I’ll admit that he got a good natured chuckle out of me for the first time when he unveiled this.

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