Zerivkahbatgirl02Batgirl continued to be a hot topic around the blogosphere water-cooler this weekend. Some like her; others are more ambivalent and long for Barbara Gordon. Rivkah took a stab at a more playful version of the character (who is now a villain.)

Of course, in my made-up wonderland, Batgirl is a blonde, originates from suburbia, and reluctantly fills in as a cheerleader because where I come from, when you’re into gymnastics, the only choices you got are either cheerleading or hiline, and which is worse? A skirt that shows your panties or a skin-tight outfit that shows off your ass? In front of the whole school, that is.

I can see why she’d WANT to sneak out of her window in the middle of the night. Beating up a few baddies and making the world a better, safer place works wonders on getting all that teenage angst and frustration out. And every good girl’s gotta have her secrets! ^_~

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  1. It would be BUFFY-BATGIRL :)

    That and the Pajero WONDER WOMAN would do more wonders for DC on the girl’s market in bookstores than ANYTHING, yes, I mean ANYTHING they are trying right now.

  2. Looks like a character that should guest-star in Jeff Smith’s upcoming Shazaam, or a team up with Chance Falconer, one of my favorite late, lamented female protagonists. Kudos to Rivkah. We can never have too many positive female role models in this medium, since it seems to be dominated by…um, other stuff, most of the time.

  3. O_o I never expected so many people to respond to my take on Batgirl (or I would have inked and colored it!). It seems sort of like a “no duh” approach and obvious that she should be much more upbeat and playful, though. Someone targeted at an 8-16 audience, not an adult audience!