200701221137Markosia is one of the more recently founded comics publishers, and like most recently founded comics publishers who tried to publish periodical comics (aka “pamphlets) they had some ups and downs. However, it appears they are back on track with a new publisher, editor and Tony Lee back doing the PR and stepping in as Group Editor.

As of the 31st January 2007, Markosia Publishing, the UK publishers of critically-acclaimed titles including STARSHIP TROOPERS, SMOKE & MIRROR, SCATTERBRAIN, SHADOWMANCER and THE LEXIAN CHRONICLES will have a new Editor In Chief, following the loss of founding E.I.C Richard Emms.

“We’ve worked with Richard from the very beginning, when he was publishing APC,” said Harry Markos, Managing Partner and Publisher at Markosia. “I can quite honestly say that without him and his incredible amount of effort, we would simply not exist. We’re sorry to see him leave, but he’s reached a point in his career where he has an opportunity to move into other mediums, and we wish him all the best for the future. And he’s always welcome to come back and help out when he wants to.”

Richard Emms came across to Markosia in late 2005, bringing with him APC titles including DARK MISTS, NICK SCHLEY’S ABIDING PERDITION and the Eagle award nominated MIDNIGHT KISS. Over the last two years he has been one of the main guiding forces of the company and, as Editor In Chief, a public face as Markosia has progressed from imprint to international bestselling publisher.

With Emms moving on, Markosia decided that they wanted a different type of Editor In Chief, someone who could take the company and move it in a newer, more vibrant direction – and they decided on one name – Brian Augustyn.

“I was introduced to Brian through our Director Of Operations, Chuck Satterlee, this time last year.” explained Markos. “Having spoken to him regularly throughout the year, I’ve been amazed by his immense knowledge of the industry. When Rich decided to leave, Brian was the first name I thought of who could replace him.”

“I like the diversity and chances Markosia stands for, their line is already delightfully eclectic and engaging. I think that kind of variety is exactly what the comics marketplace needs. Hopefully the comics marketplace will agree.” Explained Augustyn on why he agreed to take on such a substantial role in the company. “It’s a genuine pleasure to work with a company of such dedicated folks – who really love comics. Nowadays, that’s not always as common as you’d think.”

Born in Chicago, Brian was a life-long comics fan when he realized his dream of working in the field. First helping to launch TRU Studios, the very successful company that published 80s indy hit TROLLORDS, Augustyn had editorial stints at other Chicago publishers including First and Now Comics.

In 1987, Augustyn was hired as an editor by DC Comics in New York City. He worked there on a long list of well and lesser known DC titles including FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE SOCIETY, THE FLY, EL DIABLO, WONDER WOMAN, BUGS BUNNY and many more. Augustyn also wrote many comics for DC, including the first Elseworlds hit, GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE YEAR ONE and BLACK CONDOR.

In 1996, Augustyn left the DC offices to concentrate on his growing family and a busy freelance writing and editing career. In the years that followed he has worked for almost every major comics publisher including DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, Event, Dreamwave, Chaos and others. He’s also written scenarios or Sony Playstation and film and TV development for several production companies, as well as young adult novels, chapter readers and story books.

“I’m just here to help the good stuff continue, I don’t have any radical and sweeping schemes. Yet.” He finished.

But Brian Augustyn isn’t the only change for Markosia from the 31st of January. For the first time ever, Markosia will be appointing a Group Editor for all of their titles.

“With Brian coming in as a ‘new broom’ so to speak, we decided that now was the perfect time to re-structure,” said Markos. “We’ve brought in new designers, new letterers, and we’ve convinced long term writer Tony Lee to take the position of Group Editor, with his remit being an overseeing of the current Markosia line and the creators that produce them. I know that over the last couple of years Tony has deliberately built a ‘brand’ for himself of being a happy-go-lucky chancer with a love for climbing trees, but don’t fall for it – at all times at Markosia he has been a consummate professional, he is one hell of a writer and editor, knows the current line intimately, and this is a logical and natural progression.”

“I’m a strong believer in nepotism and ninjas,’ explained newly-created Group Editor Lee. “I’ll obviously start with ensuring that all my friends get jobs, and then I’ll push for a ninja on every page. This is a good time to be at Markosia. Nobody can say that we’re not established – STARSHIP TROOPERS proved that we can hold our own in the industry, we’re regularly up in the Top 300 comics each month, and now Markosia is having an INFINITE CRISIS reboot. Old company, new vision. And I’m honoured to be involved in such a mercurial point in the company’s plans. Welcome to Earth-Markosia. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.”

With 2007 already launching a new, ongoing STARSHIP TROOPERS series to follow the critically acclaimed ‘Blaze Of Glory’ trilogy, the adaption of Bram Stoker award nominee Joe Nassise’s international bestseller HERETIC, Brian Augustyn’s THE WITNESS , Kit Wallis and John Sheridan’s BREATHE, and the collected editions of SHADOWMANCER, DARK MISTS, MIDNIGHT KISS, and THE LEXIAN CHRONICLES, Markosia is already pushing once more to continue at the forefront of British Independent publishing.

“The year is still young,” ended Harry Markos. “Expect a lot of big announcements this year from us. 2007 is the year people were saying we would roll over and die, like so many other small press companies. But as you can see, we’re still here. Some of the critics aren’t. 2007 is only the start of the new Markosia .”


  1. Hey Heidi, love your stuff. Is that a new top? FAB-U-LOUS.

    Anyway, just a couple of teeny tiny corrections. :-)

    First off, we don’t have a new publisher, just a new Group Editor and a new E.I.C.

    Secondly, although we’ve been around since 2005 and were caught up during the boom of companies like Speakeasy etc, many of which collapsed – although we’re recently founded in the scheme of things (having started in 2005) we’re still here – and we’re intending to stay. :-)