I’ve never been so devastated to write a post here at The Beat.

Confirmed by his brother, artist Steve Dillon has passed away at age 54. Dillon is best know, of course, as the artist on all 60 issues of Preacher, a major run on Punisher and countless other comics.

I’m going to have to leave others to write the facts, because yet again, I’m heartbroken. Steve was a friend to the world, dispensing wisdom and camaraderie over a point of Guinness. Many pints of Guinness.
So many stories are being told right now across the world of comics, including some here at Stately Beat Manor. We all loved that man.


He was also a stunningly great cartoonist, with a clear line and a rock solid sense of storytelling that never wavered. Preacher is is great achievement of course, his grounded depictions giving the grotesqueries and black humor even more impact.

Tributes are pouring in of course. I’ll try to collect them when the tears have dried.


  1. So sad and shcoking.. I was lucky to have been allowed into the world of Garth and Steve just as Preacher was taking off in the mid=90s and got to spend quite a bit of time with him. at the Great Eastern Convention where they got snowed in, as well as raising a pint or two at Comic-Con. Can’t believe he’s gone just like that but I’m glad that he got to see Preacher realized on screen finally after years of development hell.

  2. On his recent photos, he looked tired and… posthumous. Roberto Bolaño once said, “Posthumous? It sounds like the name of a Roman gladiator, an unconquered gladiator. At least that’s what poor Posthumous would like to believe. It gives him courage.”

    (Glyn Dillon keeps up the fight with his great graphic novel, THE NAO OF BROWN.)

  3. So sorry for your loss, Heidi.

    I’m devastated, and I didn’t even know him personally.

    A phenomenal talent gone too soon.

  4. Jack Chick, scaremonger? Hatemonger and rabble-rouser more like — a bigot who doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Steve Dillon (RIP).

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