Famed DC artist Nick Cardy passed away at age 93 last night, it was reported on FB and elsewhere. Cardy’s long time friend Todd Dezago has posted on his failing health over the weekend:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you–to everyone who replied to the news of Nick’s failing health with kind words and warm wishes, testimonials of love and of the joy he brought to us with his beautiful artwork and wonderful stories.

I read each of your messages to him, each one bringing a smile. But, sadly, Nick’s congestive heart failure and respiratory issues are too far along for the Doctors to treat any further. We have called in Hospice and they are keeping him comfortable and free of any pain. He is sleeping and smiling, dreaming, and gently slipping away.

Thank you all, for your words of comfort and love. Nothing has made him smile more than hearing that he’d brought so much happiness to the world.”

After posting this, it was announced Cardy has passed.

Cardy, who was born Nick Viscardi, had a long career that began all the way back at the Iger/Eisner shop where he drew the Lady Luck feature in the back of the Spirit sections. Following a stint in the military, he started working for DC, where his best known work was drawing the Teen Titans and Aquaman, and later, becoming one of DC’s finest cover artists, with a distinctive style that was iconic while showcasing strong characterization. He was inducted into the Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 2005.

Cardy was a regular at conventions when his health allowed, particularly Heroes Con—drawing commissions, and becoming a much beloved figure among both fans and guests. His covers were also widely homaged, with Erik Larsen tweeting his own recent homage last night. The outpouring of sadness and respect for Cardy on Twitter was immediate and huge. Below is a small sampling and some of the art.








  1. He’s the major reason the Teen Titans was it for me, even before the Wolfman/Perez run. That Wonder Girl cover is one of the best covers of all time. He will be missed!

  2. I thought Cardy drew the best-looking women in ’60s comics. (Sorry, John Romita Sr.) His Mera and Wonder Girl were so sexy, I’m surprised they got past the Code.

    He was a terrific storyteller, so good he made those lame Aquaman, Brave & the Bold and Teen Titans scripts bearable. Anyone who can make Bob Haney readable has my respect!

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