juan gimenez

The revered Argentinian artist Juan Gimenez has passed away from complications of the coronavirus, it’s been reported. He was 76.

Gimenez was perhaps best known for his work on Metabarons, but he was one of the great SF comics artists, famed for his visionary, detailed machinery and beautifully rendered characters. His work is really emblematic of the European SF look is often associated with Heavy Metal magazine  – and in fact he served as art director for a segment of the Heavy Metal animated film. But his career stretched far beyond that.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1943, Gimenez studied art in Barcelona, Spain, and eventually moved to Spain. He became well known for his work in Italian and Spanish comics, with his breakout hit Leo Roa, before teaming with Alejandro Jorodowsky for The Metabarons in the 90s. He also worked in illustration, storyboards and concept art.

Juan Gimenez had recently traveled to Spain, which has been hard hit by CV-19, but had travelled back to Argentina, where he was hospitalized on March 22.

Quite a bit of his work is available in English from Humanoids. And you can actually read the first volume of Metabarons digitally for free right now.

Comics twitter mourned the master with examples of his art.















Truly a master.