The war between cars and wrestlers has claimed another victim. Randall “Randy Savage” Poffo, who thrilled the wrestling world with his hysterical rumblings and grumblings as Macho Man, died in a car crash this morning at age 58. He reportedly suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel, and veered across traffic into a tree. His wife of one year was also in the vehicle but was not seriously injured.

Macho Man’s romance with the late Miss Elizabeth is one of the most legendary wrestling storylines of all time, and Savage one of its greatest performers. In recent years, Savage has served as a spokesman for Slim JIm meat snacks, so let’s all raise one in his memory today.



  1. Truly a bummer. Really enjoyed watching him perform in the ring, talk outside of it and just be Macho. He was already missed since it had been so long since I had seen him do any of those things and knowing it will never happen again, only makes that missing feeling worse.

  2. Yup, definite bummer :( My favorite wrestler, though I only paid attention to the WWF era. Liked him a little less as a face, but he was always good in the WWF. And apparently his Wrestlemania III match with Ricky Steamboat is one of the all-time great matches. RIP Bonesaw McGraw.

    It amazes me how hard it is to hear about the passing of wrestlers unless you still pay attention to wrestling. I guess only the Hulkster will actually make headlines when he passes.

  3. It’s not a surprise to here about any wrestler dying anymore. But it’s still sad nonetheless. The Superpowers, his feud with Flair, those were some fond WWF memories. Now that I think about it, I preferred him as the champ more that Hogan or Warrior. You can even say , when coupled with his exile, he was extremely underrated/underappreciated.

  4. His scene as Bonesaw McGraw in the first Spiderman movie is one of the highlights of that film, IMO.

    RIP Macho Man.

  5. I demand to know where Hulk Hogan was this morning. Hey, we never found out who drove that mystery limo on Nitro…

    Seriously, terrible terrible news. I loved Savage. One of the all-time best at getting heal heat. And that VOICE! What a nasty way to go. RIP…

  6. a few years back a cartoon named “dexter’s lab” had these shorts in between episodes of dexter called “dial m for monkey”. in one particular episode an intergalactic being caller “rasslor” comes to earth looking to fight earth’s greatest champions, and they have to fight or earth will be destroyed and if they all lose earth will be destroyed (a crappy situation all around).the toon is based on a storyline from marvel two-in-one annual #7 starring the thing. anyway, rasslor was voiced by none other the randall poffo aka randy savage, who is absolutely great in the roll of rasslor. a very cute and funny parody of super heroes and wrestling. he even does his signature “ooh yeeaaahh” at the end of the toon. condolences to family and friends.