Dominic Postiglione, better known as Nick Post, owner of Source Comics and Games and one of the main forces behind Minnesota’s Midwest Comic Book Association and their two shows, passed away last week, and his Facebook page has many touching remembrances. Postiglione was a tireless supporter of comics, and affected many with his enthusiasm and friendship. I only met him a few times but after even a brief interaction, his kindness and love of comics shone through. According to his obituary he’s survived by a son, his parents, and three siblings. A memorial service will be held this Tuesday, 8/12 at 11 AM at the Cornerstone Bible Church, 735 East 10th St., Hastings. 


IN addition, memorial t-shirts are being sold to those who wish to remember him. More details on the FB page. 

The comics community needs more people like Nick Post; his loss will be felt. My sincere condolences to his many, many friends.


  1. He was a big supporter of the Iowa Comic book Club and the ICON. He was great to talk with, and always seemed to have the comics I needed or was looking for. He will be missed.

  2. Nicky was my friend and my hockey/comics buddy. we could talk for hours about both.
    he was many things to many people and above all one of the best people i ever knew. and i am notorious for not liking many people but we got on from the moment we first met in the late 90’s.
    i wish we had had more time together. we will all miss Nick.

  3. Very sad to hear this news. What a good friend Nick was to me. He was always good to soundboard and talk biz with over the years. It was always nice to see him in person every year at SDCC. He was a great retailer, but even better person. He will be missed by all.

  4. I didn’t know Nick personally but I saw him at SpringCon all of the time. He did an awesome job with the show and his store is a great comic shop. I’m sorry to hear the news..RIP.

  5. Oh no! Nick was such a sweetheart. Had spoken to him at the Source last month–was so interested in my sons and we had a great talk about our respective families. The Minneapolis/St.Paul comics scene won’t be the same without him. My condolences to his family.

  6. I’m sorry to see him go it’s been a year since he has died but her live on everywhere in every ones hearts I hope that if anyone come to the MN state fair and say hi to the 1919 rootbeer stand

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