Relics of YouthRelics of Youth #1

Writers: Chad Rebmann & Matt Nicholas
Artist: Skylar Patridge 
Letterer: Morgan Martinez of AndWorld Design
Publisher: Vault Comics
Price: $3.99

Nat Rodrigues has been dreaming of an island, and the more she envisions it, the more real these visions become. She soon learns there are other teenagers around the world who are experiencing the same thing and just like her they all bear the same mysterious tattoo that only they can see. In Vault Comics’ Relics of Youth #1, the unlikely team embarks on a quest that leads them to the Bermuda Triangle where they hope they will find some answers.

Co-written by Chad Rebmann (The Odyssey, Judo Girl) and screenwriter Matt Nicholas, with artist Skylar Patridge (Crowded) and letterer Morgan Martinez of AndWorld Design, the new series is a blend of fantasy and adventure, with a little mystery and mythology mixed in. It feels very much like a more mature Goonies (even the color palette has an ‘80s vibe, with bright pastels sprinkled throughout) crossed with Lost (without the plane crash or polar bear…so far…). There is even a mixed bag of personalities forced to work together to solve the puzzle along with a villainous group right on their tail.

What is interesting about the cast is that despite everything in front of them, including their mysterious tattoos, most members of the group are skeptical about the whole thing. Some are curious, many are scared, and a few want to pretend they aren’t connected. And despite her wishes to solve the puzzle on her own, Nat, their leader, must rely on them all, even with their flaws, negativity, and naivete.

The issue is cinematic and moves much like a film would, which makes sense considering Nicholas’ experience as a screenwriter. In just a few brief pages the reader has a good sense of each character but is also drawn in enough to want to learn more about why they were chosen by the island and for what purpose. Towards the end of the issue, part of their adventure is revealed, but I’m sure in a book like this, we have only learned a tiny part of the overall picture.

Relics of YouthRelics of Youth #1 hits shelves September 25 and will feature a cover by Partridge as well as a Vault Vintage cover by Nathan Gooden and Tim Daniel. The Vault Vintage cover is an homage to Wes Craig’s cover for Deadly Class #1, the series he co-created with Rick Remender. Head to Vault’s website for more or click here to purchase online.




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