Next year, Dark Horse Comics is set to bring a trio of Comixology Originals titles to print for the first time. Cullen Bunn and John Bivens‘s Retroverse, Rob HartAlex Segura, and Joe Eisma‘s Blood Oath, and Curt Pires and Luca Casalanguida‘s New America will all receive print releases from the publisher in February and March of 2024. 

Here’s info on all three titles, along with their release dates, covers, and short previews for Retroverse and Blood Oath:


Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by John Bivens
Release Date: February 6th in bookstores, February 7th in comic shops

After a wild, drunken party, 19-year-old Kacy wakes up in an alternate universe—one where she has been dead for thirteen years. She must navigate the heartbreaking waters of a world that seems to have turned out much better without her in it. And she must do so while wielding newly-discovered terrifying abilities against alien horrors.

Blood Oath

Written by Rob Hart and Alex Segura
Art by Joe Eisma
Release Date: February 20th in bookstores, February 21st in comic shops

It’s 1922 in New York. The peak of Prohibition. Hazel Crenshaw just wants to be left alone, to tend to her farm, to care for her younger sister, and to run her business. But her business is inescapably tangled up with the New York gangs that will eventually coalesce into the mafia, and a new, unknown partner. When the Crenshaw farm is attacked, Hazel must not only defend her home, she must cope with the realization that her flirtation with the other side of the law might also put her in the crosshairs of something else—something much more sinister…

New America Vol. 1

Written by Curt Pires
Art by Luca Casalanguida
Release Date: March 5th in bookstores, March 6th in comic shops

New America Vol. 1 follows the formation of a secessionist state within America and the trials and tribulations both personal and political of the people leading and living in this newly emergent country.

RetroverseBlood Oath, and New America are the latest Comixology Originals titles to receive print releases from Dark Horse Comics as part of the two publishers’ ongoing agreement. Segura and Pires were among the earliest creators to see their digital books come to print at Dark Horse.

Look for the print editions of RetroverseBlood Oath, and New America to arrive in stores early next year.