2014 will be the year of adjustments. Mark my words. I believe Torsten was correct about 2013 being a game changing year when many things were tried and doors opened; 2014 will see people learning and fixing from from the blue sky projections of 2013.

And to get started, Box Brown’s Retrofit Comics—a grass roots line of small indie-focused “periodical” comics—has announced its 2014 slate AND a digital option via Gumroad, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. iTunes and Comixology are “coming soon!!!”

Retrofit Comics on Comixology — see what I mean? Gumroad is apparently the Etsy of pdf files, and I guess you’ll be hearing more about—i.e. I’ll be paying more attention to—this in the near future.

Meanwhile, Retrofit and their distribution partner Big Planet have announced plans for 2014 in the PR you can read below, with a ton of very talented cartoonists on tap. They’ve also announced a “Subscription drive.” So you might want to get over there for that.

You can also read some analysis of Retofit at Panel Patter, an excellent newish blog covering indie comics stuff. More on THAT later, too.

Independent publishing duo Retrofit Comics and Big Planet Comics announced their complete lineup for 2014, with a schedule of twelve comics over the course of the year. They also launched their subscription drive for 2014, a subscription model for receiving the comics as they are released, either in print or electronically.

The Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics 2014 publications will start with two debuting at the LA Zinefest in February, “Wicked Chicken Queen,” by breakout talent and Ignatz winner Sam Alden, and “Number 1”, the first volume of a continuing series by Retrofit Comics founder Box Brown.

Their other releases feature new work by Zac Gorman (Magical Game Time), Madéleine Flores (Help Us Great Warrior), Josh Bayer (Raw Power), Antoine Cossé (J.1137), Ben Constantine (Plump Oyster), Anne Emond (Comiques), Niv Bavarsky (Flesh Sequence), Jack Teagle (Jeff Job Hunter), and a second volume of Number by Box Brown. Other debuts will be spaced throughout the year, including at the MOCCA, TCAF, SPX, and CAB conventions.

Retrofit and Big Planet also announced their first translated work, a collection of three stories by Japanese creator Akino Kondoh. This book will present some of the cartoonist and animator’s best known work for Ax, Japan’s premier venue for alternative manga, and a recent story about life in New York City. Ryan Holmberg, from PictureBox’s 10 Cent Manga line, will provide the translation.

Box Brown, founder of Retrofit Comics, said, “2014 is going to be Retrofit’s best year to date. I’m really excited to work with so many talented artists.”

The Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics subscription model allows subscribers to order comics in advance, either for a full year or in 6-month batches, which are then mailed directly to subscribers as they are released. This year, an electronic subscription model is also being offered, in which PDFs are sent directly to the subscriber. Subscriptions can be ordered at http://retrofit.storenvy.com/

Jared Smith, co-owner of Big Planet Comics, said, “One of the most appealing things was to get a regular release of cool new comics out to the public. Our subscription model really supports us and our fans, and I’m super excited by the lineup we’ve assembled for 2014.”

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