Retailer Brian Hibbs acquires second comic shop, Comic Outpost

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Veteran Bay Area retailer Brian Hibbs, of Comix Experience, Savage Critics, and Tilting at Windmills fame just announced something pretty momentous: he’s acquired a second store by purchasing the assets of Comic Outpost,  Hibbs will take over running the sore on Monday December 16th. ON a FB ppst he added, “I have nothing but good things to say about owner Gary Buechler, and I think that store is a great testament to his love and passion for comics! I’m going to work hard to match that passion.”

And then he added on Twitter:

Comics Outpost was named one of SF’s Top Five Comics Shops, but seems to have run into some recent troubles with staffing and getting comics on sale on time. Although we sometimes spar with Brian here at The Beat, we have the highest regard for him as a passionate seller of comics, and the fact that he was able to take on a second store—one that for whatever reason wasn’t going to continue on its present form—is good news for comics shoppers. Hibbs notes that the store is more superhero than he used to selling, so there will be some learning moments—and, for sure a bunch of very in depth Tilting at Windmills columns. 

While the final name of the shop hasn’t been settled,  ”Comix Experience Outpost” is the working title. 

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