Word is starting to trickle out that DC comics has suspended Eddie Berganza and removed him as Group Editor after Buzzfeed ran a piece accusing him of multiple sexual harassment incidents.



More details will doubtlessly be forthcoming.

One might raise an eyebrow about reviewing events from 2006, 2010 and 2012, if that statement is referring to the incidents highlighted in the Buzzfeed piece.  Then again, that might also be the entire point.

Update: The Beat has confirmed that the following message was sent to DC’s employees/freelancers from DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, ahead of sending it to the press:

DC Entertainment has immediately suspended Mr. Berganza and has removed him from performing his duties as Group Editor at DC Comics. There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared. DC continues to be extremely committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for our employees and everyone involved in the creation of our comic books.


  1. Good. Now perhaps DC should take another step. The women discussed in the Buzzfeed article have all left mainstream comics. As an apology, DC could offer them some project or publishing opportunity. Perhaps a benefit comic.

  2. People should be disciplined and boycott DC for a while, simply to show them that being fashionable instead of just- and not taking this with the utmost seriousness YEARS ago- has consequences. And Bob Harras should be the next one to go, quite frankly.

  3. “Unless he did something new, this is wrong.”

    Why? In response to one previous incident, he was PROMOTED.

    This guy’s got a mountain of bad karma waiting to avalanche on his sorry face.

  4. I don’t think boycotting DC NOW will work. They may take that as people stopped buying BECAUSE they suspended him.

    Also, as ‘group editor’ what books is he in charge of? Was it all Batman? all Superman?

  5. And what of the higher-ups at DC who enabled and protected him until real media noticed?

    What did Johns, Didio, Harras, Lee, Nelson do to let him stay at DC?

    Not that anyone expects The Beat to probe into this — that would suggest the unwashed masses who have been criticizing DC editorial for over a decade were right!

  6. “Why?”

    It’s blatantly obvious why it’s wrong to suspend someone for bad press years after an incident has been handled. I shouldn’t have to explain it.

    If you remove the reward for correcting bad behavior by bringing it up over and over again resulting in more and more consequences, then where’s the benefit in correcting it? You create a group with no hope and no future. It’s wrong.

  7. Suspended? Pfft. Meaningless. They’ll bring him back or make sure he gets a nice check on his way out.

    Why are Harras, DiDio, and Lee getting a free pass? They should be fired, too, for letting this hostile environment survive.

  8. Sorry, but getting promoted shows there were no consequences. You can take a bs class and say that was punishment, but DC mishandled this from the get-go. People don’t feel safe around him and the fact that people were pressured to quit to accommodate this turd is the action that needs to be corrected.

  9. I think it’s odd to ask for other editors to be fired. This was an HR matter and it was handled poorly at the time and since, and it shows that the HR department needs to be fixed. I have a feeling a LOT of entertainment based HR departments are going to see massive changes.

  10. Unless it can be proven that the other editors encouraged Berganza, or covered up for him, they shouldn’t lose their jobs.

    If I were made to work in a “woman-free zone,” I’d be too embarrassed to show my face in the office. I’d resign. But I guess some guys have no shame.

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