Borys Kit over at THR had a killer report today regarding the new status quo changes taking place at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment with Geoff Johns having stepped down from his President and Chief Creative Officer role.

The long and the short of it is, this is now Walter Hamada’s world to shape. Hamada came on board, in light of his success producing New Line horror franchises like It and The Conjuring, back in January. Since then, he’s been the man at the top, as it were, and spent the past few months sorting through projects, as the report describes: casting aside a few things (nobody is talking about a Cyborg feature anymore for one), while trying to prioritize others (such as the now in-development Birds of Prey featuring Harley Quinn).

There’s so much meat to chew on here that could occupy a number of articles, but here’s a few highlights:

  • The “elseworlds” Joker movie, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, will likely begin filming this Fall and will be a part of a series umbrella entitled “DC Dark” or “DC Black” – presumably a grittier off-shoot of their mainline of films that allows for non-canon takes on popular characters
  • With the team behind Game Night now firmly on board with The Flash, they’ve decided to shed the more dour concerns of the original concept of that film (just a guess, presumably anything Flashpoint related?) and instead do something more in line with Back To The Future as the big touchstone…the report now only refers to the project as The Flash rather than Flashpoint.
  • And the biggie here, Matt Reeves; who has spent months working on a Batman script from scratch after deciding to not go forward with the Geoff Johns-Ben Affleck co-written screenplay, delivered his first act of a script over the Memorial Day weekend. The word? It features a younger Batman, which seems to give way to the idea that Ben Affleck has probably donned that cowl for the last time. Will it be a full-blown reboot? That seems to go against what Reeves has said in the past on the topic, but a flashback take on a pre-BvS Bruce Wayne, years before he became the jaded, criminal branding vigilante that film featured would do the trick just fine as well.

More to come next week! But the future direction of DC on film is going to be an interesting ride over the next year.



  1. ” … a part of a series umbrella entitled “DC Dark” or “DC Black” – presumably a grittier off-shoot of their mainline of films that allows for non-canon takes on popular characters”

    Right, because DC movies haven’t been dark and gritty enough.

    It’s clear that nobody at DC or Warner knows what to do with these characters (except for Wonder Woman, but she can’t appear in all their movies).

  2. What George said, along with the idea of turning over a problematic project to a team that came up with a movie that underperformed and left audiences cold.

  3. Dave, I’m not clear on what you’re referring to. Do you mean Game Night? That made almost 4 times its budget back. Or are you talking about IT? That was a mega-hit.

    Maybe I’m just missing something here.

  4. I’m down for an earlier career Batman movie. It also gives a nice reason to being in another actor if Affleck wants a break.

  5. At this point, doubt I’d see another Batman movie unless it’s set in the ’60s and is a tribute to Adam West. I’ve had enough darkness for a while. They could hire 55-year-old Nicholas Cage, who did an impeccable West imitation in KICK-ASS.

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