Well, Breaking Bad is over, and thank God, it was satisfying. Sure there were a few loose ends—Huell? Hullo?—but VERY few, and the payoff was strong and cathartic.

While you may be mourning your dose of bracing moralism every Sunday, the void can be filled, at least temporarily, with Breaking Bad fan art, of which there is a shit ton. Most of it is Walter White. Other popular topics: RVs, Saul Goodman, and Jesse. (No one wants to draw Skylar, Marie, or Flynn, though.) With that in mind, here’s some art to help transition you into your new life, where Boardwalk Empire is king.

First of course, the final entry in Francesco Francavilla’s series of Minimalist Art Posters. Francavilla drew these DURING each episode, and a found collection of them was given as a parting gift to the crew.


Ben Templesmith — for sale!

Gallery 1988 had made a small cottage industry out of TV art. These are all sold out, sadly.

Here’s Scott Campbell’s Breaking Bad upon the Mount. Get a load of that detail!

And Matt Taylor’s “No Mas” Print

Brendan Tobin went Hostess with Jessie and Walt. Hit the link for the whole thing.

A few from Twitter:




And one from Sir Mitchell, who drew Saul.


The To Be Shelved site offered an imaginary Penguin Classics cover.

A couple from Frogpants.



AND this somewhat brilliant New Yorker cover by Barry Blitt that portrays Walter White catching the Syrian president mixing up some bad chemicals.


FINALLY, probably the most famous Breaking Bad fan art of them all, a webcomic by Christopher Keelty. Here’s the story behind the comic.

You can find more Breaking Bad art at Multiversity, and at the official Tumblr. Here are two from the Tumblr without art credits but at least it’s not more Heisenberg.




If you like the opening music of Marty Robbins singing the haunting “El Paso,”—a story about a doomed gunfighter who is trying to get back to his sweetheart Felina (Hence the episode title)—you may like Steve Martin’s haunting Monkey version of of it.



FINALLY, if you cap just one GIF is should be this one. Because I am so, so grateful that Breaking Bad went out in style, with a heartbreaking and yet thrilling story of loss and revenge. The last three episodes of Breaking Bad—starting with the devastating “Ozymandias”—showed that if someone in your family starts cooking meth, your family is most likely going to get badly fucked up. I know everyone is comparing the high of Breaking Bad to the low of Dexter, which also finished up its run last week. Sadly, that was an example of what happens when everyone on a show starts not caring simultaneously—silly plots that rely on coincidence, loose ends, characters that go nowhere, and central issues that the show was dealing with for 8 years left unresolved.

So yeah, Breaking Bad did it right and instantly vaulted to my short list of favorite TV series ever. (Other entries include The Prisoner, South Park, and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.)



  1. I agree it was a great balance of ending the story gracefully without having a big “We should all be criminals because it’s cool!” endorsement.

    Nice to see some Skinny Pete art but, no Mike or Gustavo art?

    “No one wants to draw Skylar, Marie or Flynn, though.”
    Poor Flynn, still getting the shortest straw even from artists.

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