Earth Day is here, and fandom clothing and merch purveyor BoxLunch is leaning into it. The popular maker of shirts featuring Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and Disney, among others, launched its Earth Day 2023 collection

The shirts have fun images and text, such as the Jawas from Star Wars extoling anyone reading the shirt to “RECYCLE YOUR DROIDS.” A very cute Groot shirt says “GIVE A GROOT; DON’T POLLUTE!”

The shirts are all made with organic cotton. As an added bonus, the Lord of the Rings apparel has an eco-friendly seed tag attached to it that you can plant and grow poppies.

Poppy seed tag attached to BoxLunch Lord of the Rings Earth Day t-shirt.
Poppy seed tag attached to BoxLunch Lord of the Rings Earth Day t-shirt.

Having sampled the collection, I can say that the shirts are comfortable. The t-shirts are very soft. The only oddity is the looped hanging tag on the back of each shirt. Does anyone hang their shirts up like this? It just seems like an invitation for someone to loop their finger in and pull, inn attempt to prank you from behind. But a pair of scissors takes care of that problem very easily (by removing the tag, not threatening the prankster!). But I really like the shirts, both in style and design. 

The collection isn’t limited to t-shirt. Short sleeved button up shirts and sweaters are included in the Earth Day collection as well. The Lord of the Rings Sherpa Sweater is super soft and has a cool design to it. When you wear it, you’ll feel like a hobbit. 

Besides creating an eco-conscious collection, BoxLunch also does good with their partnership with Feeding America. For every $10 spent at BoxLunch, they donate $1 to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to feeding people in need. BoxLunch pledged to making minimum donation of $500,000 for 2023. You can find the entire BoxLunch Earth Day collection on the company’s website