April 22nd, 2020 is the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day in the U.S., a day when people nationwide are encouraged to enjoy nature (though this year they’ll need to do that from a safe social distance) and consider how they can better take care of the planet. To mark the occasion, Joe Corallo and Molly Jackson, the editorial team behind the award-winning Mine! anthology, has announced a new book to help Mother Gaia, with proceeds going to the Natural Resources Defense Council

The anthology will, according to a statement from the editors, feature some returning creators from Mine!, as well as a collection of new voices, all telling Earth-centric stories about environmentalists, activism and the origin of Earth Day, and steps people can take to preserve nature for generations to come. Corallo and Jackson had originally planned to announce the book’s title, release date, and publisher at this time, but clarified in their statement that the COVID-19 pandemic had left scheduling up in the air.

Corallo and Jackson have a proven record with benefit comics. The Mine! anthology, which was funded through Kickstarter back in 2017, and donated proceeds from sales of the book resulted in at least $10,000 going to Planned Parenthood. Check out the in-progress cover for their new project by artists Liana Kangas and Simon Bisley, as well as the full text of the announcement, below.


April 22nd, 2020

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in the United States and the 30th anniversary of International Earth Day. To mark this milestone year Joe Corallo and Molly Jackson, the editors of 2017’s Eisner nominated (Best Short Story “Ethel Byrne”) and Ringo Award winning Mine! anthology to benefit Planned Parenthood, are working on a new benefit anthology for environmental causes.

The new anthology will feature some familiar names from Mine! as well as new collaborators to tell stories about important environmentalists, the origins of Earth Day, small steps we can do to make our world a better place, as well as genre stories incorporating themes of environmental activism. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council. We want to support the NRDC as they’re an international organization promoting environmental advocacy through science, litigation, and green business practices.

We started working on this anthology before the rise of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and while we were originally planning to announce the title, publisher, and a firm release date, we will be holding off until we have a better idea as to when we will be able to print and do a wide release of this book which will likely be in the fall. Until then, here is our jam cover that is currently a work in progress featuring the art of Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy, Black AF) and Eisner Award winner Simon Bisley (Lobo, Judge Dredd).
The comics community has always come together to support important causes by telling the stories at the heart of the issue. However, you don’t have to wait until this anthology is available later this year to support the NRDC! Visit
their website and learn more today.