This two-part episode of The Flash is about further establishing the whole family notion between the elemental forces, Barry and Iris. But it’s not just that, this could also be a hint at Cisco and Kamilla’s departure for good. In the previous episode, the Speed Force/Nora tracks down Deon but unlike Team Flash predicted, she doesn’t kill him. Instead, she recruits him to team up against his ‘parents’ i.e. Barry and Iris who “made him feel” rejected.

the flash
Nora/Speed Force recruiting Deon/Still Force in The Flash S7E10, “Family Matters, Part I”; Photo: The CW

Unbeknownst to her plans, Team Flash is vigorously training Alexa and helping her gain control over her alter ego Fuerza. They think Nora plans to kill Deon and that Alexa is the only one who can possibly bring Nora back to her senses. At the same time, Psych unleashes fear upon Central City’s biggest billionaires. The Central City Citizen cracks a lead to Psych’s next target, a woman who’d shared an elite seat with Psych and others at the ‘League of Lions’ at their alma mater. And it turns out that Psych was targeting everyone from this league because they “gave up on him.” Iris believes there’s more to this story than just a bunch of rich brats turning their backs on Psych after he went bankrupt.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Alexa is battling her courage with Barry’s demands as he’s pushing her to transform into Fuerza despite the possible consequences. While transforming within a force field that Cisco built, Alexa loses control and attacks the Team, leaving Cisco wounded and unconscious, which is when she decides to leave this experiment.

She says, “I don’t want to be your weapon,” and storms out. Caitlin understands her POV and lends her the cerebral inhibitor she had previously used to talk to Frost when they were still in the same body (the inhibitor was first mentioned in season 3, episode 23, “Finish Line”! Talk about full circle!).

On a side note, Cisco and Kamilla discuss job opportunities in Miami. Kamilla seems more eager to leave Central City than Cisco and a nightmare from Psych (in one of their earlier encounters with him) showed him his life ending at S.T.A.R Labs while everyone has moved on. This explains why Cisco got the idea of moving!

the flash
Kramer brings up missing metas and unreasonable transfers at CCPD with Joe in The Flash S7E10, “Family Matters, Part I”; Photo: The CW

Meanwhile, Joe is struggling with Kramer still working at CCPD, now that she has full support from the Governor, so much that she got metahuman cure bullets delivered for the ‘safety’ of citizens. That’s a move that Joe doesn’t fully understand so he approaches Cecile, who in turn leads him towards of path of uncertainty in his career. Towards the end of this episode, you’ll see Joe surrendering his badge and gun! He quits being a cop as a sign of solidarity with metahumans, including all the meta criminals.

After attacking most of the League members, Psych is left with his last target. Alexa, who was resisting any sort of Team Flash heroism, asks Barry to take her to the scene of the attack. The Flash takes all of Pysch’s hits as Alexa tries to reconcile with Fuerza so she could help save the day. Honestly, it’s weird to see Fuerza talk but what a development.

the flash
Fuerza and Psych in The Flash S7E10, “Family Matters, Part I”; Photo: The CW

All Psych needed to stop his rampage was a little “Stop it” scream from his ‘baby sister’ and now Psych arrives at the Lab to understand the forces. Team Flash hasn’t even charted a plan to track Nora and Deon that both of them appear out of thin air.

Deon snaps his fingers and freezes everyone in the room, followed by Nora’s devious hit at Iris, Psych, and Alexa. The question is why was Barry pardoned for being a conduit and not the others? We’ll find out tonight!

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