DC Comics has a surprise for the fans of its wildly popular DC Super Hero Girls franchise. The publisher announced that the latest digital-first comic based on the property would be available to read on a weekly basis starting today.
DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science shines a spotlight on Zee Zatara, a.k.a. Zatanna, a.k.a. a girl at Metropolis High who isn’t head over heels about the chance to compete in the school’s science fair. And honestly, I for one, don’t blame her. When you can perform magical feats that explicitly break the laws that govern existence, playing inside the walls by building paper mache volcanoes sounds pretty darn boring.
So what’s a magician to do? Well– spice things up, of course. And of course, as soon as Zee starts meddling with her friends’ experiments in an attempt to help them, everything goes wrong as her magic makes their science experiments “go haywire.”
DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science is written by Amanda Deibert with a rotating team of artists including Yancey Labat, Agnes Garbowska, Erich Owen, and more.
The first chapter of the comic is now available on digital platforms, including ReadDC.
Weird Science not only joins the catalog of DC Super Hero Girls digital-first comics, but a rapidly expanding collection of graphic novels, Random House-published prose novels, the cartoon, and an enormous Mattel line of action figures as well.
DC Super Hero Girls’ cartoon presence started off with a webseries in 2015, but was recently rebooted and visually rebranded by Lauren Faust of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Powerpuff Girls fame. Faust developed these new looks for the characters as the showrunner of DC Super Hero Girls’ new Cartoon Network show, which kicked off earlier this month with the hour long “Sweet Justice“.
In line with the new show, Weird Science is set in the Faust-designed continuity.


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