Even though Dynamite’s Rainbow Brite series only had five issues, it captured the iconic feel of the ‘80s cartoon and toy line while bringing a fresh look for new all-ages readers. Written by Jeremy Whitley (Unstoppable Wasp, Vampirella) and with art by Brittney Williams (Patsy Walker Hellcat) and Xenia Pamfil (Princeless), the comic also featured Valentina Pinto (Star Wars, Vampirella) on colors and Taylor Esposito on letters. The single issues each offered a beautiful cover by Paulina Ganucheau (Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Mother Panic) and a throwback cover for fans of the original.
Now readers old and new can get all five issues in one trade paperback set to release on June 12. The plot has plenty of throwbacks to the original, with a young girl named Wisp discovering that she is destined to become the legendary hero Rainbow Brite. With the help of her sprite companion Twink she begins repairing the world from the damage done by the King of Shadows and his minions as they continue to drain the world of color. Along the way she meets villains Murky and Lurky as well as her trusty talking horse companion Starlite.
While the series was cut short, the issues that were released (and now compiled in the trade) provide a fun, colorful adventure with plenty of action, humor, and nostalgia for those of us who were obsessed with the world as kids.
Visit Dynamite’s website to get your copy this month.
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