The Seduction of The Innocent story arc continues in Vampirella #5. Written by Christopher Priest and illustrated by artist Ergün Gündüz, the issue is the latest installment in the top-selling ongoing series from Dynamite Comics. The solicit info for the issue is below:

Following her mother, Lilith’s advice, Vampirella chooses to end her loneliness by engaging in community, connecting with friends, building a new career, and creating roots within her adopted world — which invites inevitable consequences as her enemies continue to gather for a mysterious purpose, and her mother receives a visit from a man from Vampirella’s past.

Fans of Vampi can look for covers by top artists like Terry Dodson, Guillem March, Fay Dalton, and Gündüz. There is, of course, a cosplay cover as well as virgin and black and white variants. Stanley “Artgerm” Lau has also offered up a sneak peek cover for the issue.

Vampirella #5 hits local comic shops and online on Wednesday November 20. Head to your favorite store this week or stop by Dynamite’s website to order. For digital versions, check out comiXology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Ahead of the release, take a look at a preview of a few pages and covers.

Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5 Vampirella #5