Wow.  DC is about half an inch away from trolling readers who live in places like NYC or San Francisco that aren’t particularly close to a Walmart.  They released a preview of the Tom King / Andy Kubert Superman story from the Walmart Superman comic, which they’re officially referring to as Superman Giant #3.  Listed it on the front page of their website where existing readers are probably a lot more common than potential new ones, so I think it’s pretty safe to say they’re trying to divert existing readers into Walmart for up to four issues per month.  I also couldn’t find any previews for the previous two issues, so it would seem the real game begins with King showing up (and with Bendis doing a turn on Batman Giant).

Amusingly, DC apparently is making no bones about this being “Walmart Superman.”  The naming convention on these files is “WALMART_SMMONTHLY” – as in Walmart Superman Monthly.

In theory, this issue is on shelves at Walmart today, but from both what I’ve seen and heard other people describing, I wouldn’t get incredibly concerned if it doesn’t show up until Saturday or Sunday.  These roll outs seem to be more around a specific date than specifically on that date.


  1. I’m pretty sure people who live in New York or San Francisco have plenty of compensating benefits.

  2. I agree with Glenn. It’s harder for folks in middle America to get comics, as comic shops are much fewer in number there than in coastal states. (Unless you live in a major city like Chicago or Houston.)

    I’m no DC fanboy, but I think they want this to work so they can increase their market share as well as serve their underserved fans. I don’t know why this is even an article. “DC Advertises Series” isn’t really a compelling topic.

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