DC has a  digital comics sale going on right now and while a lot of the items are frequently on sale, it’s a pretty deep set and a lot of runs.  Let’s have a look at what some of the more interesting items are.

If you like Grant Morrison, there’s a LOT of his work here.  And it might not be a coincidence, with his Green Lantern appearing on the horizon.  I’m not sure that Multiversity is frequently on sale, but that’s roughly 450 pages and a value buy.  Most of the usual suspects are on sale: his phenomenal All-Star SupermanAnimal Man (with the Milligan, Veitch and Delano runs also on sale) and JLA (V. 5 of this series by Waid and Hitch is also a good one).

For something a bit more off the beaten path, Kingdom Come is a fairly famous series.  What’s not as well known, and DC didn’t promote it like it was a big event, is Alex Ross returned to the concept in Justice Society of America.  You could call it a sequel or a theoretical prequel, I suppose. “Thy Kingdom Come” Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

For current DC material, it really doesn’t get much better than Priest’s run on Deathstroke.  Especially the “Chicago” sequence in Vol. 2.

Or if you’d like to go a bit further back and get some higher page counts (especially the second volume), there’s the classic Levitz/Giffen run on Legion of Superheroes.  It starts with The Great Darkness Saga and continues with The Curse.

There’s a LOT more on sale, so feel free to browse around the listings.