In the upcoming graphic novel The Infinity Particle by Wendy Xu (Mooncakes), Clementine Chang has landed her dream job: working alongside Doctor Marcella Lin in the Robotics and Engineering Department at the University of Valles Marineris on Mars! 

The Infinity Particle cover
The Infinity Particle.

The Infinity Particle is scheduled for publication by Quill Tree Books on August 29th, 2023. Fortunately, you can get your first look at the sensational science fiction story right here below this article, today at The Beat!

The Infinity Particle

Here’s the official description of The Infinity Particle from the publisher:

“Clementine Chang moves from Earth to Mars for a new start and is lucky enough to land her dream job with Dr. Marcella Lin, an Artificial Intelligence pioneer. On her first day of work, Clem meets Dr. Lin’s assistant, a humanoid AI named Kye. Clem is no stranger to robots–she built herself a cute moth-shaped companion named SENA. Still, there’s something about Kye that feels almost too human.

“When Clem and Kye begin to collaborate, their chemistry sets off sparks. The only downside? Dr. Lin is enraged by Kye’s growing independence and won’t allow him more freedom. Plus, their relationship throws into question everything Clem thought she knew about AI. After all, if Kye is sentient enough to have feelings, shouldn’t he be able to control his own actions? Where is the line between AI and human?

“As her past and Kye’s future weigh down on her, Clem becomes determined to help him break free–even if it means risking everything she came to Mars for.”

Arriving August 2023

Will you be picking up a copy of The Infinity Particle when it arrives at a local bookstore, comic shop, or public library near you in August 2023?

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