For a few years, P. Craig Russell and a handpicked gang of friends, have been working on a graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Newberry Award winning Graveyard Book, the story of a boy raised in a graveyard by ghosts. The result will be published by Harper Collins in two volumes, with the first one hitting this July. In a blog post today, Gaiman revealed the covers of the two books and a few interior pages, as well as the complete line-up of artists:

Volume 1 artists
Kevin Nowlan
P. Craig Russell
Tony Harris
Scott Hampton
Galen Showman
Jill Thompson
Stephen B. Scott


The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Volume 2 – on sale 9/30/2014

Volume 2 artists
David Lafuente
Scott Hampton
P. Craig Russell
Kevin Nowlan
Galen Showman

Russell and Gaiman collaborated on several issues of Sandman, including the classic 50th, and also adapted Coraline into comics format, so you know what to expect. Looks absolutely lovely.


Pages from TheGraveyardBook_ch 2 P Craig Russell_Page_1.jpg

Pages from TheGraveyardBook_ch 2 P Craig Russell_Page_2.jpg


  1. This was a GREAT book… Glad they are doing a graphic version… Can’t wait to see what was in my head appear on the page!

  2. 1) “Newbery”. We librarians learn this the first week of library school.
    2) 7/29/2014 , 9/30/2014
    3) Hardcover and ebook editions!
    4) I’m still hoping that Neil will create a graphic novel with Chris Riddell. Or encourage him to create a graphic novel. (Check out the UK editions of TGB, Coraline, and FtM!)
    5) Endless Nights (Death), Murder Mysteries, Dream Hunters, Elric #0, Only the End of the World Again
    6) This is Opus 68. #69 and #70 are also announced!

  3. I LOVE Russell’s art! His Oscar Wilde books are beautiful! But it just seems all is right with the world when he’s illustrating Gaiman. The work of those two pair together perfectly!

  4. Strikingly beautiful.

    And definitely worth laying down coin for, rather than just downloading/skimming/deleting it off the interwebs.

    Anything PCR does is worth a place on your bookshelf.

  5. I will assume a positive answer from the removal of my comment/question, then.

    But that forces me to ask why that preview artwork isn’t a spoiler, too. It seems to give away the plot element I was asking about through a visual. Obviously, reading a comic is a different experience than reading prose, but I’m not seeing how that art is spoiling the same element in the book worse than my question about it.

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