Over the past few weeks, DC has published a number of crossover titles that pit their superhero lineup (with luminaries like The Legion of Super-Heroes, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Lobo) against the zany Looney Tunes stars (Bugs Bunny, The Tazmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, and Road Runner respectively). They’ve produced some pretty fun books all in all, though I’m especially fond of the backups that have appeared in each issue, drawn in an all-ages Chuck Jones-esque style.

Next up is DC’s flagship character, Batman, facing off against the tireless hunter, Elmer Fudd. Though, unlike the previous installments of these titles, this is the first crossover to be written by a creative (Tom King) that’s currently on the book that makes the DC side of the equation. Lee Weeks joins on art, in what’s sure to be a beautiful looking comic, and fun little read.

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 in stores next Wednesday, June 28th.

After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, Elmer Fudd’s obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City. Welcome to Bat Season! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns.


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