While Marvel’s PR crisis continues to swirl, it should be noted that they still have books coming up from important new voices, and The Beat will continue to support these projects. Individual creators shouldn’t be penalized for misguided marketing efforts. Such a voice is Saladin Ahmed, the Hugo and Locus award winning science fiction writer who’s making his comics debut. He’s been given the task of making Black Bolt interesting in the Inhuman’s first solo series, but artist Christian Ward is also doing his part.

As long as we’re talking art, there’s a sweet variant cover by Paul Pope and colorist Toby Cypress, a team that’s turning out some gorgeous stuff that might just move the needle.

The logline:

The King of the Inhumans – now in his very first solo series! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at BLACK BOLT #1 – the new series launching on May 3rd. Award-winning science fiction author Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) makes his Marvel debut alongside fan-favorite artist Christian Ward (Ultimates) to take you deep inside the mind of the silent monarch of Inhumanity. With a voice that can crack a planet in half, he’ll find himself somewhere he never thought possible – imprisoned at the edges of the cosmos! The newest resident of a prison designed to house the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy, Black Bolt must find out how he ended up here and who imprisoned him. But first, he’ll have to survive a fight to the death with a fellow inmate – The Absorbing Man! It’s time for the Midnight King to plot the impossible: an escape! That is…if he survives. Prepare for a truly mind-bending sci-fi epic unlike any other when Ahmed & Ward bring you the can’t-miss BLACK BOLT #1 – on-sale May 3rd!


BLACK BOLT #1 (MAR170984)
Variant Covers by PAUL POPE (MAR170985) & TBD (MAR170987)

Hip-Hop Variant Cover by RAHZZAH (MAR170986)
Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover by JACK KIRBY (MAR170988)
Action Figure Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (MAR170989)

FOC – 04/10/17, On-Sale – 05/03/17



  1. I’m sure Saladin Ahmed is a great writer and a fine person, but Black Bolt?? He doesn’t even talk! I guess you could make a book about him communicating in charades to a a quirky, fun group of supporting characters…but who’s looking for a Black Bolt comic??

    But remember – if this doesn’t sell, it’s the fault of the brown people and the women!

  2. >>>>But remember – if this doesn’t sell, it’s the fault of the brown people and the women!

    You know, David Gabriel and I aren’t pals but this isn’t actually what he said. Even the first time before the correction. What he said was stupid in its own way, but he’s not that stupid.

  3. i’m very excited for this. Also, it’s possible that there will be speaking as Black Bolt’s voice has been injured and he also converses with medusa in their own manner. Ward’s art looks stellar.

  4. Heidi,

    I was exaggerating for humorous effect. But he did heavily imply Marvel’s recent sakes slump was because of the diversification of the line. Marvel execs also seemed to blame DC’s returnability and the election – basically anything except Marvel itself. He deserves to be mocked for it.

    Unlike seemingly most commenters here, I want a diverse line of superheroes. But giving Black Bolt a book is kind of the problem – Marvel seems to flood the market with a lot of comics no one asked for or wants and then guys like Ahmed get lost in the shuffle.

  5. I understand why you’re a bit on edge about this, A lot of people have picked this up as justification for their horrible beliefs and opinions.

    My comment was a joke. I was more mad minority and women characters were taking the blame from Gabriel than their own publishing practices. Shifting blame onto people of color and/or women seems to be something that happens a lot and it’s wrong.

    The Beat has always been place where everyone is welcome, though. I’m sorry if my joke distracted from that.

  6. cancelled by issue 6 at the latest. I mean one Inhumans book is too much.

    I still don’t get why Marvel keeps trying to make Inhumans into a hit. It will never work.

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