Apropos of absolutely nothing apart from it just made me laugh, cackle and cough, here are some preview pages for issue #4 of IDW’s Popeye miniseries. Released next Wednesday, the creative team for this are Roger Langridge, Tom Neely, Luke McDonnell,and Vince Musacchia.

Chickens are great.


  1. and that’s one of the many brilliant variant covers. seymour chwast did that one, there’s been variants by jules feiffer, mitch o’connell, dean yeagle, oscar grillo, hal mayforth, dan parent, shawn dickinson, tony millionaire and many more. mary fleener is coming up. and we’re looking for more artists who are popeye fans, in and out of comics, to do ’em! contact me if interested.

  2. Stop calling it a mini-series! It’s a regular series dagnabbit!

    Also: this book is pure fun and if you’re not reading it you’re missing out on a great all-ages book. Langridge “gets” Popeye, ya dig?

    Also pick up the Craig Yoe Popeye reprint comic. Another ton of fun for your buck(s).

  3. I know this series hasn’t gotten much love and has been panned by the insular gang at tcj.com, but it’s a really wonderful series with Langridge totally capturing the voice from the original Popeye comics. He’s really been able to bring across the essence of Popeye’s supporting characters in fun stories.

  4. screw TCJ. they’d only give the series a look if it was done by clowes or ware. bunch of humorless bores..

  5. I was bummed I couldn’t find the Byrne variant on this one. I was able to find his B&W Trio #4 cover tho.

  6. I can’t find the TCJ review mentioned either. I suspect it isn’t there, and that the poster is misremembering.
    I write this because TCJ has praised Langridge and Neely at various points, and the Popeye book gets singled out as something to look out for by Jog in his upcoming releases column.
    But hey, if someone can offer some evidence of an anti-IDW Popeye bias over at TCJ I’m happy to see it.

  7. Hey Craig, I’d love to do a variant cover. Seriously, what about good ol’ Bobby London? He actually did the daily strip for a while.

  8. Roger Langridge has been in the industry for quite a while. It’s only a shame that I became aware of his work in earlier this year. Sure, I was aware of all that word of mouth about his work on Thor: The Mighty Avenger, but only started checking out his work very recently. He does light-hearted humor that is appropriate for all-ages very well and he may be the only creator capable of doing that in the Direct Market at the moment. He also seems to be one of the most prolific creators in comics at this point, so I will make an effort to keep an eye out for his work.