When last we left them, Vanessa and Monty were looking into the disappearance of a researcher who was working for their boss on a mysterious project. During their investigation the pair was assaulted by the Crusaders, servants of the Angels looking for the lost Saint. They were also being closely watched by the Iron Eagle Mercenaries, a group with connections to the missing associate of Ammon. In Obey #5, Vanessa has an overwhelming desire for revenge after failing her mission and being soundly defeated by the Iron Eagle Elite. She now enlists of the help of Monty’s contacts to track them, foregoing permission from her boss. Whether Vanessa and Monty will survive the deadly mission is yet to be determined.

With words by Mario Mentasti, who also served as head writer for the game, and art by Ben Herrera (Adventures of the X-Men) and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres (Stargate Universe), Obey Me is based on the action PC and console game of the same name, featuring a thousand-year conflict between Heaven and Hell. As a low-ranking demon serving Ammon, the Archduke of Greed, Vanessa and her Hellhound companion Monty are critical to their boss’ plans of collecting the souls owed to him.

For Obey #5, fans can choose from a variety of cover options by Herrera. The issue goes on sale today both digitally and at your favorite comic shop. Check out a few preview pages below before heading out to purchase your copy. Visit Dynamite’s website for more information on the limited series.

Obey Me #5 Obey Me #5 Obey Me #5 Obey Me #5