A sequel to 2010’s DOG CRIME, French illustrator BlexBolex spent 3 years completing NO MAN’S LAND, slated for release at the first East London Comics Festival on June 17th.

In the wake of a national conspiracy, a hard-boiled detective finds himself
on the wrong end of a death sentence. The executioner: himself, firing two suicidal shots to the head for his revealed crimes against society. However, as the bullets tear through his synapses, something strange happens. Snapping into overdrive, his brain refuses to give up without a fight, throwing him into an intense psychological odyssey of survival.

Taking place entirely in this one decisive moment, No Man’s Land invites the reader to witness the inner workings of a psyche hovering between life and death. With its unnamed hero’s subconscious desperately refusing to accept the inevitable, it frantically assembles ever-more bizarre and terrifying scenarios for him to play out. Taking inspiration from the conventions of popular literature, reality and fiction blur together, creating a genre spanning epic that pushes the fourth wall to the limit.

Taking inspiration from everything from dystopian science fiction, horror, and even American pulp fiction, Blexbolex cleverly crafts a progression of scenarios that are as frightening as they are beautiful. Undeniably an eye-popping, intense look into the subconscious, NO MAN’S LAND seems to be both imaginative and visually-tantalizing.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the UK and present at ELCAF, you can pick up your own copy and even get it signed by BlexBolex.