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“Funny animal comics” were a time-tested genre for comics in the 50s heydey, and some of the finest comics since then feature anthropomorphic lead characters—like Usagi Yojimbo and Blacksad, to name only two. But a newer genre born of the currentgraphic novel era is “unfunny animals”—think We3,  Duncan the Wonder Dog, The Autumnlands and Beasts or Burden.

Here’s a spectacular upcoming comic firmly in the unfunny tradition. Legend is a new comic coming out in May from acclaimed novelist Sam Sattin (THE SILENT END, LEAGUE OF SOMEBODIES) and award-winning artist Chris Koehler (Atlantic, Wired). The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where cats and dogs have evolved and must face many of the same issues we do.


“LEGEND is wholly epic, a blend of science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a unique brand of mythmaking. Our animals are cute, but they also have complex personalities, desires, and fears,” says Sattin. “ There are internal issues within social hierarchies, differences in opinion, and violence.”

The art is stunning, using colors to show us how our animal friends might see the world. Sattin was actually Koehler’s student at the California College of the Arts, and now they’re collaborating with this startling comic.

Legend comes out in May from Z2 Comics.

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